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# Copyright (c) 2013-2016  Barnstormer Softworks, Ltd.

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

from __future__ import absolute_import

import itertools
import sys
import functools
import importlib

from lxml import etree as ET

import geni.rspec
import geni.namespaces as GNS
import geni.urn

# Base Request - Must be at top for EXTENSIONS #

[docs]class Request(geni.rspec.RSpec): EXTENSIONS = [] def __init__ (self): super(Request, self).__init__("request") self._resources = [] self.tour = None self._raw_elements = [] self.addNamespace(GNS.REQUEST, None) self.addNamespace(Namespaces.CLIENT) self._ext_children = [] for name,ext in Request.EXTENSIONS: self._wrapext(name,ext) def _wrapext (self, name, klass): @functools.wraps(klass.__init__) def wrap(*args, **kw): if getattr(klass, "__WANTPARENT__", False): instance = klass(self, *args, **kw) else: instance = klass(*args, **kw) self._ext_children.append(instance) return instance setattr(self, name, wrap)
[docs] def addResource (self, rsrc): for ns in rsrc.namespaces: self.addNamespace(ns) self._resources.append(rsrc)
@property def resources(self): return self._resources + self._ext_children
[docs] def addTour (self, tour): self.addNamespace(Namespaces.EMULAB) self.addNamespace(Namespaces.JACKS) self.tour = tour
[docs] def hasTour (self): return self.tour is not None
[docs] def addRawElement (self, elem): self._raw_elements.append(elem)
[docs] def writeXML (self, path): """Write the current request contents as an XML file that represents an rspec in the GENIv3 format.""" if path is None: f = sys.stdout else: f = open(path, "w+") buf = self.toXMLString(True) f.write(buf) if path is not None: f.close()
[docs] def toXMLString (self, pretty_print = False): """Return the current request contents as an XML string that represents an rspec in the GENIv3 format.""" rspec = self.getDOM() if self.tour: self.tour._write(rspec) for resource in self._resources: resource._write(rspec) for obj in self._ext_children: obj._write(rspec) for elem in self._raw_elements: rspec.append(elem) buf = ET.tostring(rspec, pretty_print = pretty_print) return buf
[docs]class Resource(object): def __init__ (self): self.namespaces = [] self._ext_children = []
[docs] def addNamespace (self, ns): self.namespaces.append(ns)
def _wrapext (self, name, klass): @functools.wraps(klass.__init__) def wrap(*args, **kw): instance = klass(*args, **kw) self._ext_children.append(instance) return instance setattr(self, name, wrap) def _write (self, element): for obj in self._ext_children: obj._write(element) return element
[docs]class NodeType(object): XEN = "emulab-xen" RAW = "raw" VM = "emulab-xen"
[docs]class Command(object): def __init__ (self, cmd, data): self.cmd = cmd = data
[docs] def resolve (self): return self.cmd %
[docs]class Service(object): def __init__ (self): pass
[docs]class Install(Service): def __init__ (self, url, path): super(Install, self).__init__() self.url = url self.path = path def _write (self, element): ins = ET.SubElement(element, "{%s}install" % ( ins.attrib["url"] = self.url ins.attrib["install_path"] = self.path return ins
[docs]class Execute(Service): def __init__ (self, shell, command): super(Execute, self).__init__() = shell self.command = command def _write (self, element): exc = ET.SubElement(element, "{%s}execute" % ( exc.attrib["shell"] = if isinstance(self.command, Command): exc.attrib["command"] = self.command.resolve() else: exc.attrib["command"] = self.command return exc
[docs]class Address(object): def __init__ (self, atype): self.type = atype
[docs]class IPv4Address(Address): def __init__ (self, address, netmask): super(IPv4Address, self).__init__("ipv4") self.address = address self.netmask = netmask def _write (self, element): ip = ET.SubElement(element, "{%s}ip" % ( ip.attrib["address"] = self.address ip.attrib["netmask"] = self.netmask ip.attrib["type"] = self.type return ip
[docs]class Interface(object):
[docs] class InvalidAddressTypeError(Exception): def __init__ (self, addr): super(Interface.InvalidAddressTypeError, self).__init__() self.addr = addr def __str__ (self): return "Type (%s) is invalid for interface addresses." % (type(self.addr))
def __init__ (self, name, node, address = None): self.client_id = name self.node = node self.addresses = [] self.component_id = None self.bandwidth = None self.latency = None self.plr = None if address: self.addAddress(address) @property def name (self): return self.client_id
[docs] def addAddress (self, address): if isinstance(address, Address): self.addresses.append(address) else: raise Interface.InvalidAddressTypeError(address)
def _write (self, element): intf = ET.SubElement(element, "{%s}interface" % ( intf.attrib["client_id"] = self.client_id if self.component_id: if isinstance(self.component_id, geni.urn.Base): intf.attrib["component_id"] = str(self.component_id) else: intf.attrib["component_id"] = self.component_id for addr in self.addresses: addr._write(intf) return intf
Request.EXTENSIONS.append(("Link", Link))
[docs]class LAN(Link): def __init__ (self, name = None): super(LAN, self).__init__(name, "lan") def _write (self, root): lnk = super(LAN, self)._write(root) for intf in self.interfaces: bw = intf.bandwidth if intf.bandwidth else self.bandwidth lat = intf.latency if intf.latency else self.latency plr = intf.plr if intf.plr else self.plr super(LAN, self)._write_link_prop(lnk, intf.client_id, self.client_id, bw, lat, plr) return lnk
Request.EXTENSIONS.append(("LAN", LAN))
[docs]class L3GRE(Link): def __init__ (self, name = None): super(L3GRE, self).__init__(name, "gre-tunnel")
[docs]class L2GRE(Link): def __init__ (self, name = None): super(L2GRE, self).__init__(name, "egre-tunnel")
[docs]class Node(Resource): EXTENSIONS = [] def __init__ (self, name, ntype, component_id = None, exclusive = None): super(Node, self).__init__() self.client_id = name self.exclusive = exclusive self.disk_image = None self.type = ntype self.hardware_type = None self.interfaces = [] = [] self.routable_control_ip = False self.component_id = component_id self.component_manager_id = None self._ext_children = [] for name,ext in Node.EXTENSIONS: self._wrapext(name,ext) self._raw_elements = []
[docs] class DuplicateInterfaceName(Exception): def __str__ (self): return "Duplicate interface names"
def _wrapext (self, name, klass): @functools.wraps(klass.__init__) def wrap(*args, **kw): if getattr(klass, "__WANTPARENT__", False): instance = klass(self, *args, **kw) else: instance = klass(*args, **kw) self._ext_children.append(instance) return instance setattr(self, name, wrap) @property def name (self): return self.client_id def _write (self, root): # pylint: disable=too-many-branches nd = ET.SubElement(root, "{%s}node" % ( nd.attrib["client_id"] = self.client_id if self.exclusive is not None: # Don't write this for EG nd.attrib["exclusive"] = str(self.exclusive).lower() if self.component_id: if isinstance(self.component_id, geni.urn.Base): nd.attrib["component_id"] = str(self.component_id) else: nd.attrib["component_id"] = self.component_id if self.component_manager_id: if isinstance(self.component_manager_id, geni.urn.Base): nd.attrib["component_manager_id"] = str(self.component_manager_id) else: nd.attrib["component_manager_id"] = self.component_manager_id st = ET.SubElement(nd, "{%s}sliver_type" % ( st.attrib["name"] = self.type if self.disk_image: # TODO: Force disk images to be objects, and stop supporting old style strings if isinstance(self.disk_image, (str, unicode)): di = ET.SubElement(st, "{%s}disk_image" % ( di.attrib["name"] = self.disk_image elif isinstance(self.disk_image, geni.urn.Base): di = ET.SubElement(st, "{%s}disk_image" % ( di.attrib["name"] = str(self.disk_image) else: self.disk_image._write(st) if self.hardware_type: hwt = ET.SubElement(nd, "{%s}hardware_type" % ( hwt.attrib["name"] = self.hardware_type if self.interfaces: for intf in self.interfaces: intf._write(nd) if svc = ET.SubElement(nd, "{%s}services" % ( for service in service._write(svc) if self.routable_control_ip: ET.SubElement(nd, "{%s}routable_control_ip" % ( for obj in self._ext_children: obj._write(nd) for elem in self._raw_elements: nd.append(elem) return nd
[docs] def addInterface (self, name = None, address = None): existingNames = [ for x in self.interfaces] if name is not None: intfName = "%s:%s" % (self.client_id, name) else: for i in range(0, 100): intfName = "%s:if%i" % (self.client_id, i) if intfName not in existingNames: break if intfName in existingNames: raise Node.DuplicateInterfaceName() intf = Interface(intfName, self, address) self.interfaces.append(intf) return intf
[docs] def addService (self, svc):
[docs] def addRawElement (self, elem): self._raw_elements.append(elem)
Request.EXTENSIONS.append(("Node", Node))
[docs]class RawPC(Node): def __init__ (self, name, component_id = None): super(RawPC, self).__init__(name, NodeType.RAW, component_id = component_id, exclusive = True)
Request.EXTENSIONS.append(("RawPC", RawPC))
[docs]class VZContainer(Node): def __init__ (self, name, exclusive = False): super(VZContainer, self).__init__(name, "emulab-openvz", exclusive)
[docs]class Namespaces(object): CLIENT = GNS.Namespace("client", "") RS = GNS.Namespace("rs", "") EMULAB = GNS.Namespace("emulab", "") VTOP = GNS.Namespace("vtop", "", "vtop_extension.xsd") TOUR = GNS.Namespace("tour", "") JACKS = GNS.Namespace("jacks", "") INFO = GNS.Namespace("info", "") PARAMS = GNS.Namespace("parameters", "") PARAMS = GNS.Namespace("data", "") DELAY = GNS.Namespace("delay", "")
#### DEPRECATED #####
[docs]class XenVM(Node): """ .. deprecated:: 0.4 Use :py:class:`geni.rspec.igext.XenVM` instead.""" def __init__ (self, name, component_id = None, exclusive = False): import geni.warnings as GW import warnings warnings.warn(" is deprecated, please use geni.rspec.igext.XenVM instead", GW.GENILibDeprecationWarning) super(XenVM, self).__init__(name, NodeType.XEN, component_id = component_id, exclusive = exclusive) self.cores = 1 self.ram = 256 self.disk = 8 def _write (self, root): nd = super(XenVM, self)._write(root) st = nd.find("{%s}sliver_type" % ( xen = ET.SubElement(st, "{%s}xen" % ( xen.attrib["cores"] = str(self.cores) xen.attrib["ram"] = str(self.ram) xen.attrib["disk"] = str(self.disk) return nd
VM = XenVM